Adding Maps to UT2004 Server

When you download contributed maps and map packs it is not always clear what to do with all the files they include. Here is a step-by-step guide for adding map packs to your Unreal Tournament 2004 server.

Step 1: Download a custom map pack

Several map packs can be found here

Step 2: Unpack to a temp folder

Usually there are several files that do not need to be on the server so unpack and see what you have first.

Look to see if the map pack provides a set of compressed files already. They should be in a folder named “Redirect”. Otherwise look for files with “uz2” extension. If there are none then you’ll need to compress them in a later step below.

Step 3: Add Files to the Game Server

Place the files into their appropriate directories:

  • .ut2 → Maps folder (required)
  • .u → System folder (required)
  • .uz2 → Redirect Server (public_html/maps folder)
  • .ogg → Music folder (optional)
  • .ukx → Animations
  • .uax → Sounds
  • .usx → StaticMeshes
  • .int → System
  • .utx →Textures

Step 4: Compress files if needed

You should already have a public download folder setup so clients can get files they don’t have. See the server build instructions for how to setup the public download folder.

If the map pack does not provide “uz2” files then here is what to do:

Compress Files

Copy all the files with the following extensions into a temp folder on the game server where the “ucc-bin” file is.

  • .ukx – Animations
  • .ut2 – Maps
  • .uax – Sounds
  • .usx – StaticMeshes
  • .int – System
  • .u – System
  • .utx – Textures

For example:

cp *.ut2 ~/ut-server/System

Next compress all the files like so:

cd ~/ut-server/System

for file in temp/*; do ./ucc-bin compress -nohomedir $file; done

Step 5: Add to Public Downloads

Finally, put all the compressed versions of the files into the server’s public_html/maps directory.